Sean Manners

2019 Candidate

Beaches—East York

Thank you for continuing to represent and empower racialized and marginalized communities. Having run as a black and gay candidate for the GPC in 2019 I was a bit nervous that folks may target me for any number of reasons. It was really comforting and inspiring to see you out in the community beyond pride, and repeatedly reach out to include me in larger party events that had nothing to do with my race or sexuality. I am so proud that you are now a leadership candidate because now more than ever Canada (not just the greens) needs a leader who is not going to be silent or make trade offs on tough topics like race, systemic discrimination, the environment, and 2SLGBTIQ+ community.

Jesse Brown

2019 Candidate

Vancouver Centre

Annamie is the breath of fresh air our Party needs and her leadership will prove to Canadians that the Green choice is the progressive choice next election.

I’m a British Columbian, born and raised, proud of our beautiful coast and proud of our homegrown Green movement. There may be candidates from our Province in the running, but we need a leader who can fight for us and win. I know Annamie Paul will bring our voices to Ottawa and be our coast’s most formidable protector against the oil and gas lobby.

James Mihaychuk

2019 Candidate

Ottawa South

Now more than ever, representation matters, competence matters, and authentic connection with voters matters. While the Green Party of Canada is blessed with amazing candidates for the office of Leader, it is clear to me that no other candidate embodies these attributes in the same way that Annamie Paul does. Only Annamie brings with her to public life her experiences as a black girl, woman, mother, lawyer, diplomat, and Green candidate both here in Canada and abroad, in both official languages, among others. Annamie’s call for greater democracy, diversity, and daring will reinvigorate our Green movement at precisely the right moment, as we all face profound challenges for public health, safe and inclusive public spaces, social justices, and a healthy and sustainable planet for all. I don’t want you to simply vote for Annamie. I expect you to show up, tell your friends, donate, and volunteer. Together we can help transform the political conversation in Canada to one that addresses the real-life challenges faced by all Canadians in the communities that they call home.

Christina Porter

2019 Candidate


I happily endorse Annamie Paul for leader of the Green Party of Canada. A leader is someone who is brave enough to say what needs to be said. Someone who is willing to roll up their sleeves and do the hard work that so badly needs doing. A great leader projects intelligence with a voice that can energize and inspire people to take charge and join our movement. I trust Annamie to do all of these things and more for the Green Party of Canada.

Hannah Conover-Arthurs

2019 Candidate


Annamie has been such a pleasure to work with. When running for the Greens in 2019 Annamie stood out from other candidates. She has an incredible ability to bring people together. I felt her warmth right away as a fellow green candidate. Annamie raises all the people up around her. She knows how to make people feel like they are engaged within the green community. She breathes new life and passion into the party and I am so happy to see her taking this big step towards leadership. I know under her leadership the Green Party of Canada will blossom into a diverse, dynamic force to be reckoned with, and I couldn’t be more excited about it!

Tim Grant

2019 Candidate


I have been impressed with Annamie since I first heard her speak. My admiration for her leadership abilities has grown steadily since. I think her focus on 3 D’s – daring, diversity and democracy – is particularly apt and will enable our party to attract the support of many more Canadians. Choosing this engaging, multilingual, woman of colour as our leader is the best decision that Green Party members from coast to coast to coast can make in 2020.

Michelle Petersen

2019 Candidate


Annamie est brillante, intègre et visionnaire. Elle a à coeur d’être à l’écoute et de mettre en valeur la voix de tou-te-s les membres. Elle est une personne qui m’inspire par son leadership empathique et son plan de mener le Parti vers l’intégration, l’application et le rayonnement de la justice sociale et environnementale à travers le Parti et le pays.

Le choix de notre prochain-e leader n’a jamais été aussi important qu’à l’heure actuelle. La pandémie nous dévoile la vulnérabilité de tou-te-s et chacun-e. Mais surtout, elle dévoile la réalité des injustices économiques et sociales, les personnes les plus marginalisées sont et seront les plus gravement affectées. Nous avons la chance comme Parti de mettre en valeur nos politiques et d’affecter de réels changements. Annamie est la personne que je choisirais pour me représenter et pour nous représenter dans la société canadienne pour guider la population vers un monde où nous valorisons la personne au-delà du profit!

Jessica Hamilton

2019 Candidate

Scarborough Rouge Park

With great pride I am endorsing Annamie Paul for the leadership of the Green Party. This decision comes with a steadfast confidence in the competence and exceptional nature that Annamie will bring to the role of leader. In a time of great uncertainty, now more then ever, we need the experience, diplomacy and vision that Annamie brings. I enthusiastically support Annamie to lead Greens and Canadians into a more equitable, sustainable and purposeful role on the world stage.

Max Chapman

2019 Candidate


Annamie is a fighter. She is willing to stand up for communities across Canada and demand a just future. From the very first time I spoke with her I could tell she cared deeply about building a better society where no one is left behind.

Annamie has a bold vision of what our country could be and unapologetically advocates for change.

She has the experience, temperament, and dedication required to lead the Green Party to new heights. That is why I am endorsing Annamie Paul for leader.

Matthew Casselman

President, 2015-2017

Green Party of Ontario

Annamie is a dynamic and exciting voice that has the experience and leadership qualities required to propel the Green movement forward in Canada. In her short time within the Green Party of Canada, Annamie has demonstrated leadership and a strong work ethic on Shadow Cabinet, on advancing diversity and inclusion within the party’s internal structures and processes, and through her candidacy in Toronto Centre in 2019. Annamie, as a candidate in Toronto, generated a tremendous amount of excitement. The prospect of that replication across the country is both inspired and concretely what we need to expand our influence in Canada.

Kiara Nazon

The Green Party’s next leader must be someone with the experience to lead the party into the future, the boldness to champion new and exciting ideas, and the ability to draw many more people into the party.

Annamie fits the bill on all accounts.

Adrian Currie

Annamie is a leader who gets it.

She has a vision for how to diversify the party, champion evidence-based decision-making and build relationships.

I’ve never seen someone with so much relevant leadership experience who’s so adept at motivating team members.

Victoria Galea

2019 Candidate

Hamilton West—Ancaster—Dundas

As a young woman in politics, Annamie and her historic campaign inspire me that we really can make a difference. I am so thrilled to endorse a progressive candidate who is not only intelligent but also caring and kind.

She’ll make Greens everwhere proud as the next leader.

William Marshall


Green Party of Canada

As one of the earliest Greens involved in the party, I am endorsing Annamie Paul for the leadership. I see in her many of the same qualities that I discovered in Betty [Nickerson] – resourceful, articulate, passionate, eminently qualified and ready for the job. People could see themselves in Betty and more will see themselves in Annamie.

A leader has two faces – one that the public sees and one that the party members see. This means two jobs. The public one is to articulate the Green program and principles that will move us all more safely into the future. The inward one is to find that very difficult piece of middle ground that keeps the most members active and engaged. Negotiation skills, consultation skills, conflict resolution skills – these are things that Annamie has a lifetime of experience doing.

Sarah Climenhaga

2019 Candidate

Toronto St. Paul's

I am pleased to endorse Annamie for the leadership of the Green Party of Canada. Annamie was a leading organiser and convener for Greens across the region during the 2019 elections. As a fellow 2019 Toronto Green Candidate, I appreciated this support and her ability to bring people together. I know she will continue this community-building and outreach as leader of our party, and she has my full support.

Cynthia Trentelman

2019 Candidate

Mississauga Lakeshore

I joined Annamie’s campaign because I believe she can lead the Green Party and therefore the country to a more prosperous and egalitarian future. She exudes strength and compassion which are qualities in a leader. She was the first to encourage other members to help me after she found out that I was also a 2019 candidate. Annamie wants to see the party succeed as it’s not about her, but about us. Annamie encourages, recognises, and utilises everyone’s talents for the benefit the GPC and that is the kind of leader that people admire.

Dean Maher

2019 Candidate

Spadina-Fort York

I am proud to support Annamie Paul for Leader, Green Party of Canada.
Honest, passionate, and decent are a few of the many words to describe Annamie. I met her at Toronto’s Pride Parade when we Greens marched to proclaim our support to my community, the LGBTQ community, and even then I saw a leader in Annamie. We need a leader who can bring people together and create a team who can be ready to govern. I believe Annamie is that leader and I ask you support her leadership with me.

Oriana Ngabirano

2019 Candidate


Je suis heureuse de supporter la candidature d’Annamie Paul, elle est un choix clair pour la chefferie du Parti Vert. Son histoire personnelle, combinée à son expérience de travail ainsi que son engagement communautaire font d’Annamie la meilleure candidate pour le renouveau tant attendu au sein du parti.

Rebecca Wood

2019 Candidate

York Center

I endorse Annamie Paul with a full heart. We met during the 2019 Federal election campaign. She is a person of integrity, intellect and humanity. As a volunteer on her campaign, I saw first hand as she dedicated herself fully to supporting and advocating for the folks in Toronto Centre. Annamie is a leader who brings compassion with backbone.

Will you endorse Annamie?