Julia Kidder

Julia Kidder

Communications & Engagement Specialist

I am endorsing Annamie Paul to become the next leader of the Green Party of Canada. It’s a no brainer. We need leaders who understand that when we don’t face our shared history, we risk repeating mistakes from the past. We do not need more career politicians who fear radical change because it undermines their positions of power.

Annamie’s background as a human rights lawyer and international policy expert put her in a position to lead. We can count on her knowledge of innovative governance strategies to drive interdisciplinary policy solutions. She knows that having a range of perspectives helps to shape better, more robust solutions to the challenges we face; from a global climate emergency, to systemic racism or COVID-19. For Annamie, diverse representation is not abstract or theoretical – and her voice offers space to those who have been systematically excluded from Canadian politics. She confronts Canada’s colonial legacy by saying: “No more tokenizing Indigenous or Black experiences, put our voices at the centre of decision-making processes. Let us lead.” Her messages of hope and renewal are invigorating our political landscape and uplifting an aging environmental movement across the country.

Now, let’s help her re-write history. Elect #AnnamieForLeader of the Canadian Greens - and as the first Black leader of federal party in Canadian history.



Voting is now open

You can vote for the next leader of the Green Party of Canada by online ballot from September 26th to October 3rd.

Check your email for your ballot.

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