Matthew Casselman

Matthew has been a member of the Green Party since 2004 and has served in various capacities at the local, provincial, and federal level. These positions include a term on the Green Party of Canada Federal Council (2007-08), the 2008 National Campaign Team, and as President of the Green Party of Ontario (2015-17).

Matthew has held several positions in the public sector and was a senior leader in student government and partisan politics. Matthew debated competitively at the international level and has a lengthy record of community building and activism. His experiences have presented opportunities to speak to audiences across Canada on leadership, diversity and inclusion, organizational governance, and communication. Matthew is an avid volunteer with the Ontario Public Service Pride Network (OPN) and in various community initiatives around Toronto.

Matthew works with the Ontario Public Service as a Policy Advisor, and holds a Master of Public Policy (Toronto) and a Bachelor of Business Administration (Wilfrid Laurier)

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