Tim Grant

Tim Grant is passionate about building a world in which social/eco-justice is front and centre. He lives in downtown Toronto in the riding of University-Rosedale. He was the riding’s federal Green candidate in 2019 and the Green Party of Ontario candidate in the last 3 provincial elections. He serves as the federal party’s critic for Urban Affairs and Housing, and provincial party’s Transportation critic. Over the years, Tim has initiated more than 20 community projects within the riding, most of them while serving as a board member and the Chair of the Harbord Village Residents’ Association. In his professional life, he taught high school for 13 years opposite the Pickering nuclear power plant. Since then, he was the editor and is now the publisher of Green Teacher magazine. During that time, he co-edited 10 books and hosted 85 webinars on a wide variety of environmental education topics.

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